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In 2006, a group of entrepreneurs came together to establish a flooring import company with the goal of providing high-quality flooring products to customers in the United States. Initially, they imported products from China, which later expanded to include other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam and South Korea.

They imported a variety of products including counter tops and flooring materials, and they established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure a reliable supply of materials. To facilitate product sourcing and to ensure quality control, the company established a team of employees in Zhejiang, China. These employees worked closely with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the products met the company's high standards of quality and consistency.

As the company grew, they shifted their focus more toward flooring materials. They realized there was a significant opportunity to sell their products to larger retail flooring stores, multifamily flooring companies, and flooring distribution companies. In 2022, the company launched a new business venture called ARC Manufacturing & Distribution, which focused on selling their flooring products to these larger businesses.

They invested in the expansion of their manufacturing capabilities and warehouse space to ensure they could meet the increased demand for their products. ARC Manufacturing & Distribution also invested a significant amount in local inventory housed within the United States. Having a substantial amount of inventory housed within the United States allowed ARC Manufacturing & Distribution to offer shorter lead times, more flexibility, and quicker access to their products for customers. They could respond to customer needs efficiently and provide better support to their customers.

With this investment, ARC Manufacturing & Distribution has become an attractive choice for many of the largest flooring retailers, multifamily flooring companies, and distributors in the United States. Their new venture proved to be a huge success, helping them to continue to grow and expand their business in new and exciting ways.

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